I’m Felix Seda. A 25 year old “boricua” born and raised in Puerto Rico. Since I was young I’ve had the opportunity to view life through a very different perspective. Now I try to capture the reality of my world and the people who I share it along the way.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world and grew up with  new cultures, influences  and philosophies. Now I try to capture a sliver of my world with the aid of my camera. 


Real Life Photography

Life Through My Eyes

In the last few months I have started new projects to tell the story of living in Puerto Rico (a small Caribbean island) and how, despite our forgotten history and culture, we try to redefine ourselves against all odds. I strive in capturing the essence (the good and the bad) during times of hardships. Crisis have the peculiarity of showing the true face of humanity and teaching us about ourselves. These lessons are created in the crucible of destruction and they must be incorporated into our culture, folklore and history; for its these moments that define who we are.

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