A Tourism Beach Day

Today we had the opportunity to do a shooting in Survivor Beach, Aguadilla of two local models! We had a blast shooting in different conditions using mostly the 50mm f1.2 lens. The beautiful sunset, coupled with the beautiful scenery and great friends made for a blast of an afternoon and one. Hope you enjoy the pictures and please share your favorite ones!

  Cheers, Félix Seda

Climate Change & Photography

Rarely is photography able to capture problems of our world that truly affect us all. We have all seen the aftermaths of natural disasters like the photos of Hurricane Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico. Yet, this enormous forest fire in the middle of a Juana Díaz field in Puerto Rico is truly a warning sign of the imminent effects of climate change. Although this area of Puerto Rico is prone to summer forest fires, we have seen a noticeable uptick in the amount and intensity of forest fires due to the intense heat wave, fueled by the debris left by Hurricane Maria and coupled with the lack of funding for local fire departments. 

Playing with Portraits & Nature on 85mm

Today we had the opportunity to practice with my new Canon 85mm f/1.2 II lens in my Canon 6D mark II. We where touring around Puerto Rico looking for new spots and decided to stop in my favorite coffee place: Café Lareño in Lares. While drinking coffee we had the idea to walk around their garden and saw these beautiful banana leaves dangling with beautiful background lighting. A perfect shooting opportunity!

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Kindness Collection Shooting

Kindness Collection Shooting in Cayey and Coamo, Puerto Rico.

Model: Eimy Marie Rivera

Today we had the opportunity to shoot Eimy Marie with the Kindness Collection spring-summer line. We selected a couple of different shooting locations consisting of the mountains in Cayey, a popular swing attraction and a runner-bridge in Coamo. It was a beautiful day with lots of different shots including the use of flashes, reflectors and very daring direct sunlight. It was a blast, a lot of fun and we almost went through a whole roadtrip music playlist. Along the way we scouted a few new waterfalls for future shooting locations!

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