New Beginnings – New Horizons

New Beginnings

I created this site as an investment to myself and for the enjoyment of others. After Maria and everything before and since, I have come to see the beauty in photography and therefore beauty must be given a space to coexist. I may not be the best photographer or have the most amazing pictures, but I have a story. A story that should be told for others to see and empathize with. I have come to accept my life is filled with exotic and amazing things, yet I’ve always felt it was meaningless unless it could be shared &  appreciated by others. The absurdity is staggering yet it makes sense,  I mean, if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a noise if there is no one around to hear it? Yes, ofcource it does, yet its existence is just a blimp in the absolute size of a forest. This blog, my story and my photography is my version of leaving a mark in the world for others to see and appreciate. A life is worth living always, yet sharing it, thats the real beauty!

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