The Forgotten Community: Update

New Bridge!

Seven months to the day of Hurricane Maria, the forgotten community of Utuado inaugurated their brand new bridge! After months of being incommunicated, having to walk 4-hours into the nearest city center and still without electricity, they cheerfully branded their new bridge, celebrated with the construction and engineering teams in a generator-lit house. They brought music, beer and enough food to feed a small army, happily sharing the one thing Maria failed to take away from us: our happiness. 

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Change: Nature’s Only Tool

It was a time without time; days where just perpetual continuum of the last. We all woke up at different hours depending on our moods and worked until our bodies felt tired. It was a time where clocks where pointless, nowhere to go, nowhere to be. The rush and stress of life faded into the absurd, its pointless meaning lost amongst the wreckage. It is these times, when you have removed the excess of life where you truly define what is absolutely necessary for your life. You find out most of the stuff you own is your way of distracting yourself from the inevitable truth: life has no meaning.

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