The Forgotten Community: How It Changed My Life

Kid Who Loves Play-Doh’

Coming back at nightfall from the Utuado community, driving back to our homes, minds racing about the impact of the people we had met, knowing something had to be done. I asked Agnes if she would help me with this idea I had: help the people in these communities we had visited all throughout the center of the island (We had been traveling for days across Puerto Rico visiting communities, landmarks while passing miles of devastation). She agreed and I started working, getting supplies and organizing myself. At the moment, the idea was just a pipe dream; never realizing the profound change it would invoke on me. 

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Memories from an Old Life

Family in Punta Santiago

After our trip to San Sebastian I came back with a clearer idea of the extent of the damage the hurricane had caused in Puerto Rico. I knew the center of the island would be devastated, especially the mountain tops and surrounding communities. But I was rather curious as to the situation of coastal areas where the hurricane made landfall; knowing fully those communities would be hardest hit by the winds and ocean swell. I knew gasoline would be scarce further away from the city and I couldn’t risk being stranded without fuel. The opportunity to visit these areas soon came up from as a friend agreed to trade manual labor for taking me to visit. Continue reading “Memories from an Old Life”

Change: Nature’s Only Tool

It was a time without time; days where just perpetual continuum of the last. We all woke up at different hours depending on our moods and worked until our bodies felt tired. It was a time where clocks where pointless, nowhere to go, nowhere to be. The rush and stress of life faded into the absurd, its pointless meaning lost amongst the wreckage. It is these times, when you have removed the excess of life where you truly define what is absolutely necessary for your life. You find out most of the stuff you own is your way of distracting yourself from the inevitable truth: life has no meaning.

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